Bert Huang

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

About Me

I am an assistant professor in the Virginia Tech Department of Computer Science. I investigate machine learning with a special focus on models and data with structure stemming from natural networks. Within this focus, my work addresses open questions on theory, algorithms, and applications.

A note for prospective students

Recent News

  1. I will be teaching a graduate-level course on probabilistic graphical models and structured prediction. The course website is here.

  2. I completed teaching my graduate/advanced undergraduate machine learning course, and there is a playlist of my video lectures available here. The course website is here.

  3. Our paper Stability and Generalization in Structured Prediction by Ben London, me, and Lise Getoor was accepted and will appear in the Journal of Machine Learning Research!

  4. I’ve finally named by research group. I now run the Complex Structured Machine Learning (CSML) Laboratory. Currently, it consists of five graduate students and me.