Ali R. Butt

Associate Professor
Computer Science
Electrical and Computer Engineering (by courtesy)
COE Faculty Fellow
Virginia Tech
2202 Kraft Dr., Blacksburg, VA 24061
Office: 2-205 KW-II (CRC)
Email: butta AATT

Ali received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University in 2006. Ali is a recipient of an NSF CAREER Award (2008), an IBM Faculty Award (2008), a VT College of Engineering (COE) Dean's award for "Outstanding New Assistant Professor" (2009), an IBM Shared University Research Award (2009), and NetApp Faculty Fellowships (2011, 2015). He was named a VT COE Faculty Fellow in 2013. Ali was an Academic Visitor at IBM Almaden Research Center (Summer 2012) and a Visiting Research Fellow at Queen's University of Belfast (Summer 2013). He has served as the Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (2013--present) and Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems (2010--present). He was selected to participate in National Academy of Engineering's USFOE Symposium (2009), USJFOE (2012), AAFOSEM (2015), and also as an organizer for the 210 USFOE. Ali's research interests are in operating systems, distributed systems, file and storage systems, cloud computing, grid environments, peer-to-peer systems, and self-organizing systems. At Virginia Tech he leads the Distributed Systems & Storage Laboratory (DSSL).


- [MASCOTS'15]
Ali is serving as the General Chair for MASCOTS'15. Consider submitting a paper
- [Funding]
DSSL and Chao Wang receive an NSF award for developing online prediction based resource management
- [Funding]
SCAPE and DSSL receive an NSF award for exploiting slowdowns for speedup in power-scalable systems
- [Cluster'14]
paper on supporting Hadoop applications on microservers
- [MASCOTS'14]
Paper on Hadoop workflow scheduling
- [HPDC'14]
Paper on performance tuning for MapReduce
- [CCGrid'14]
Paper on managing heterogeneous storage in Hadoop
- [COE Fellowship'13]
Ali is named a VT COE Faculty Fellow
- [JPDC'13]
Paper on reducing energy-mangement delays in disks
- [TPDS'12]
Paper on timely input data staging for HPC centers
- [MASCOTS'12]
Papers on cooperative deduplication for data centers, and GPU-based RAID
- [HPDC'12]
Paper on resource management for MapReduce in the cloud
- [CRA-CMW'12]
- [IBM Fellowship'12]
Min Li is a recipient of a 2012 IBM PhD Fellowship. Congratulations!!
- [MBEC'12]
Paper on real-time detetion of biological molecules using GPUs
- [IPDPS'12]
Paper on using Hadoop for subgraph analysis in massive graphs
- [ACM]
Ali is now an ACM Senior Member
- [Cluster'11]
Paper on QoS-aware scheduling for heterogeneous clusters
- [MASCOTS'11]
Paper on synthesizing traces for Hadoop simulations
- [Funding]
Ali receives a NetApp Faculty Fellowship
- [ERSS'11]
- [TPDS]
Paper on HPC data offloading
- [IGCC'11]
Paper on power management of heterogeneous clusters
- [ICDCS'11]
Paper on multi-tiered data staging for HPC
- [IPDPS'11]
Paper on cloud-based HPC data transfer service
- [JSS]
Paper on reusable software components for hybrid clusters
- [JPDC]
Paper on capability-aware framework for using accelerators in data-intensive computing
- [Funding]
DSSL receives an NSF Data Intensive Computing award for investigating the interactions between energy savings and reliability improvements in disks
- [Funding]
DSSL receives an NSF CSR award for applying the Cloud Computing model to HPC, especially for clusters comprising CELL/GPUs etc.
- [SC'10]
Paper on end-to-end app performance on multi-cores
- [NAE US FOE'10]
Ali is organizing a session on Cloud Computing
- [IGCC'10]
Paper on disk energy latency
- [IEEE]
Ali elevated to IEEE Senior Member
- [CCGRID'10]
Paper on accelerator-based clusters
- [IPDPS'10]
Paper on just-in-time data staging
- [Funding]
Ali receives an IBM SUR Award
- [MASCOTS'09]
Guanying wins Best Paper Award
- [NAE US FOE'09]
Ali selected to participate as one of nation's promising young engineers
- [MASCOTS'09]
Paper on Hadoop Simulation, Poster on disk energy management
- [ICS'09]
Paper on HPC Scratch Cache
- [OSR'09, IPDPS'09]
Paper on MapReduce for Cell
- [HotPower'08]
Paper on impact of disk scrubbing on energy savings
- [Funding]
Ali receives an IBM Faculty Award
- [SC'08 PDS-Workshop]
Paper on data staging for supercomputing jobs
- [ICS'08]
Paper on data offloading in HPC centers
- [Funding]
Ali receives an NSF CAREER award
- [CF'08]
Paper on I/O techniques for CELL/BE
- [IPDPS'08]
Paper on using contributory storage in grids
- [FAST'08]
Posters on CELL I/O and ReplayCache
- [SC'07 PDS-Workshop]
Paper on Data management for HPC centers
- [HiPC'07]
Poster on supporting Disconnected Operation in Grid environments
- [HPDC'07]
Short paper on PeerStripe: P2P-based large-file storage
- [.]

- [.]

- [.]

- [August 2006]
DSSL is born!


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CS3214: Intro. to Computer Systems (Spring 2010, Spring 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2014, Spring 2015)
CS4284: Systems & Networking Capstone (Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Fall 2012, Fall 2014)
CS5204: Operating Systems (Fall 2006, Fall 2008, Fall 2009, Fall 2011, Fall 2014)
CS6204: Cloud Computing (Fall 2010)
CS3204: Operating Systems (Spring 2007, Spring 2008, Spring 2009, Fall 2009)
CS6204: File and Storage Systems (Fall 2007)
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