Zahra Ghaed

Department of Computer Science

Virginia Tech

Selected Course Projects

Develop a full stack web game for promoting code reading skills, Fall 2016
Using JavaScript/jQuery client side, PHP/Apache server side, MySQL database, and OpenStack cloud server
User Interface Software Course Project

Develop a static type checking in Prolog, Spring 2015
Built a predictive parser and type checker in a statically typed language and issuing an appropriate message in Prolog
Programming Languages Course Project

Design and implementation of an online meeting management system and scheduler, Fall 2013
A J2EE web application with an approach to testing and scalability
Software Engineering II Course Project

Analysis of requirements and implementation of a book auction system, Spring 2013
Designed with a 3-layered architecture and implemented in Java
Software Engineering I Course Project

Design and implementation of an online university educational system, Spring 2013
A J2EE web application with three-layered architecture and MVC pattern
Internet Engineering Course Project

A compiler for an object oriented language, Spring 2012
Using Java, ANTLR
Design and Implementation of Compilers Course Project

Design a pipelined MIPS processor with hazard detection, and data forwarding, Spring 2014
Implemented in Verilog HDL and is also tested on Altera DE2 board
Computer Architecture Course Project

Some Relevant Courses

  • Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

    • CS5704 Software Engineering : A
      CS6704 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering : A
      CS5114 Theory of Algorithms : A
      CS5714 Usability Engineering : A
      CS5314 Programmoing Languages: A
      CS5014 Research Meth in CS : A-
      CS5774 User Interface Software : Ongoing
  • University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

    • Software Engineering : A (16.4/20)
      Human-Computer Interaction : A+ (20/20)
      Database Design : A (16.1/20)
      Computer Architecture : A (17.1/20)
      Computer Network : A (17.5/20)
      Formal Languages and Automata : A (16/20)
      Numerical Computarion : A (16/20)
      Multi Agent Systems : A (17/20)

      Grade conversion according to this.