I am a Ph.d. student in the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech since 09/2016. My advisor is Dr. Gang Wang.

HUST, B.E. in Electronic Packaging Technology, 09/2012-06/2016
Data Analytics Intern @Geetest, 10/2015-12/2015
  • Implemented ML algorithms including gradient descent decision tree ensemble
  • Deployed machine learning algorithms using spark
CODASPY'18, Chun Wang, Steve T.K. Jan, Hang Hu, Douglas Bossart, Gang Wang. The Next Domino To Fall: Empirical Analysis of User Passwords across Online Services. In Proceedings of The ACM Conference on Data and Applications Security and Privacy, Tempe, AZ, March 2018
  • Meritorious Winner in the Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling, COMAP 2015
  • National Scholarship, Merit Student, HUST 2014
  • Scholarship of Academic Excellence, Self-Improvement Scholarship, Excellent Student Cadre, HUST 2013
  • Scholarship for the Excellent Freshman, HUST 2012