Lenwood S. Heath
Prospective Graduate Students

I am happy to consider new students who wish to pursue research in bioinformatics or in theoretical computer science.

However, I am unable to advise any prospective student who has not applied for graduate admission (typically into the Department of Computer Science) and been offered admission.

Furthermore, I am unable to discuss any possibility of graduate research funding with anyone who is not enrolled for graduate study at Virginia Tech.

  • My research interests in the past have primarily centered around algorithms for discrete problems, graph theory, and symbolic computation. See my abbreviated vita. I am happy to supervise the research of a student in theoretical computer science. I concentrate on hard algorithmic questions that require mathematical sophistication. In theoretical computer science, I prefer to supervise PhD students to Masters students.

  • While I will be happy to talk to you about research in theory, we need to realize that research funding for a student is much harder to obtain in theory than in most other research areas, such as bioinformatics. On the other hand, a graduate student doing research in theory is very likely to be able to support herself/himself on a teaching assistantship in the Department of Computer Science. This has been my primary means of supporting theory students in the past, and I have graduated 5 PhD students and 3 Masters students in theory.