I am currently the Director of the Duke immersive Virtual Environment (the DiVE), where I conduct cross and multidisciplinary research on Virtual Reality.

Previously, I was a post-doctoral associate at the University of Florida. I work at the Virtual Experiences Research Group (VERG) with Dr. Benjamin Lok. The main focus of my post-doc research was the use virtual humans in medical education.

I graduated with a doctoral degree in Computer Science at Virginia Tech in 2011. My research was done at the Center for Human-Computer Interaction and my thesis advisor was Dr. Doug A. Bowman. There, I was a member of the 3D Interaction group.

I have been researching human-computer interaction for over 6 years and my main interests are 3D interaction and models of human-motor behavior. As a M.S. student in Brazil, I was fortunate enough to come to Virginia Tech as visiting scholar in the Spring of 2005 and work with Dr. Bowman investigating navigation techniques for Multiscale Virtual Environments. That collaboration led to the publication of a paper at the IEEE Virtual Reality 2006 (download the paper here). Further, that experience paved the way for me to come to Virginia Tech as a Ph.D. Student in the Fall of 2006.

My dissertation topic was Distal Pointing Interaction at Remote Displays, which deals with understanding how people point from a distance, in a laser point metaphor, and developing techniques for improving the precision of selection and manipulation tasks using distal pointing. I performed an experiment to derive a predictive model of performance in distal pointing tasks and the resulting paper was published in the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (download the paper here).

I have also worked in a project with the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to investigate the effects of display fidelity in military training. This project is a collaboration of the 3D Interaction group at Virginia Tech collaboration with the Four Eyes Laboratory at UCSB.

I was a member of the Fighting Gobblers, the team from Virginia Tech that competed in the first 3DUI Grand Prize, held during the 2010 3DUI Symposium. I was very glad to know that we won first prize in the live demonstration category. Read the story about our win here, and watch our submission video here.

To see a complete list of my publications, please take a look at my CV.