198:431 Software Engineering
Fall 2006
Prof Barbara G. Ryder
Graded Individual Assignment 1
Posted: Friday, Sept 22, 2006
Due: midnight, Friday, September 29, 2006

This assignment will not be accepted after the deadline.

1. On the course lecture notes page are references to three important software engineering papers authored by Fred Brooks, Barry Boehm and Drasko Sotirovski, respectively. Choose one of these papers to read and to summarize in writing. Your short essay should summarize the main points of the paper, discuss your reaction to it, and talk about how it is related to the course material. This essay should be 1 page in length, using the usual margins (1 in each side), single-spaced, with a type font no bigger than 12 pt. Please submit as a PDF document. Recall there is a free PDF writer for Windows available.

2. (Note: we will do more use case examples in class on Sept 25th; see Larman, Ch 6) Write 2 fully dressed use cases for the software that runs on an Ipod or other MP3 player. Make sure one of your use cases considers buying tunes off the Web (i.e., there will be more than 2 actors). Each use case should include at least 5 extensions; make them as complete as possible. Remember do not describe the specifics of HOW the software will work, but to take a user's perspective on WHAT the software will do.

3. (Note: we will describe sequence diagrams in class next week; see Larman, Ch 10.) Using a use case from #2, prepare system sequence diagrams for its happy path and at least two of its extensions.