RCM tree Visualization

An interactive visualization for Reliability Centered Maintanence(RCM) module


RCM Module contains data about the functions of an asset. Each function has its own failure modes. The Failure Modes in turn have their own Failuer effects. Recommendations can be made for each of the Failure effects.This data is available primarily in the form of data sheets.

RCM tree visualization


Data sheets are cumbersome to use and make it hard for reliabilty engineers/FMEA analysts to work with the FMEA data.
Lack of a method to get quick and easy overview of the data
Keeping track of the heirarchy within each failure mode is difficult.


To make the module intuitive and easy to use.
To make sure that FMEA analysts/reliability engineers are able to see the big picture.
Encourage exploration and interaction through visualization.


click here for demo of prototype built using d3.js.