Hungriest Hokies

An online food-ordering and payment appilcation for campus food services at Virginia Tech

Problem space

Virginia Tech dining hall centers are usually crowded and busy during rush periods.
These rush periods commonly lie during the breaks between classes.It essentially meant long lines for ordering food as well as long lines to pay for food.

Initial research

We interviewed many users, who use the campus food services, to identify the pain points and opportuinities for payments.
We also conducted some observations on various dining halls on campus, to understand the current process in it's entirety.

Envisioned solution

Based on our initial research findings, we envisioned a mobile ordering system, as our proposed solution.

Implementaion and testing

We created a low fidelity prototypes and tested it with a few users. Based on the design suggestions, We built a high fideloty prototype using AxureRP.

click here to view the final interactive prototype.