Media Space after 20 Years . I edited a book that revisits the Media Space, Media Space: 20+ Years of Mediated Life (London: Springer, Verlag CSCW book series). It brings together work that began in the mid 1980's with more contemporary work on how digital media can warp time and space.

Critical Analysis. Collective Reflection in Design Review. I am researching a book on design review. Design review is ubiquitous: it goes on in design school (in fact, it may be the only common thread across the pedagogy of different design disciplines), industry, and government. Being a foundation of architecture, planning, product design, theater, industrial research, mechanical engineering, film production, software engineering, and even governmental review, does not mean it is without problems or even that it is well understood. The book asks, “What makes a good review?”  Why is this process and this structure so common, yet sometimes problematic?  Are the things that constitute good review the same for design education and design practice? The same for large and small practices? The same for film and product design? The same for internal reviews and ones with clients? Where would one turn to prepare to present at a review?  Where would one turn to design a review process?. The goal of this research is to give everyone who does design review tactical moves that will improve the design reviews as we now practice them as well as for creating new design review processes. The central idea is that of collective reflection. Following from Don Schon’s ideas about reflective design practice, this idea suggests valuing all roles in reviews as a learning process – one in which “success” is measured by the collective learning. The audience for this book is design practitioners, project managers, design educators, and design researchers.

Space Between.  The Space Between project explored the nature of idle exploration and collaborative discovery. Using shared drawing technology (see PARC projects, below), SF MoMA rental gallery visitors would dig through beach sand to encounter the image of the hands and beach toys of other visitors. With artist Will Tait.

I-5.  Beginning in 1988 and continuing to this day, the I-5 Project is a long-term record of an experience common to most Californians – the drive along Interstate 5 between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. Visually documenting every trip taken along this highway (averaging about 4 per year), the project uses various media and structured recording methodologies.


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