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Shahtab Wahid

Former Affiliation

Center for Human-Computer Interaction

Department of Computer Science

Virginia Tech



I was a PhD candidate at Virginia Tech's Center for Human-Computer Interaction and Department of Computer Science. Scott McCrickard, who runs the Notification Systems Research Group, is my advisor. My research focuses on methodologies for reappropriating design artifacts. 


human-computer interaction, design methodology, storyboarding, reuse, notification systems, social software, analytic evaluations


As an undergraduate student at VT, I was engaged in research under the VTURCS program. That experience somehow caused me to end up in graduate school. As a core part of my research, I led the development of a tool, called PIC-UP, that facilitates the creation of storyboards through reuse. I completed an internship at IBM T.J. Watson in the Social Computing Group in the summer of 2006. I spent the summer of 2007 at IBM Almaden in the USER Group. I was an organizer for the CHI 2010 workshop on Artifacts in Design: Representation, Ideation, and Process.  I was involved with running the Research Experience for Undergraduates in HCI (REU in HCI) program.


B.S., Computer Science, May 2003, Virginia Tech
M.S., Computer Science, December 2010, Virginia Tech
Ph.D., Computer Science, May 2011, Virginia Tech


I finished my work, added a title to my name, and finally left Blacksburg. I now work as an interaction designer for Bloomberg's UX Team.