Tianyi Li
Ph.D. Candidate | Department of Computer Science | College of Engineering | Virginia Tech


Hi! My name is Tianyi Li (李天一), a Ph.D. candidate at Virginia Tech. I work with Dr. Chris North and Dr. Kurt Luther on creating new technology and tools to make sense of text data using the wisdom of crowds. I work in the InfoVis Lab and The Crowd Lab at Virginia Tech. I'm also a member of Data Analytics Center and Center for Human-Computer Interaction.

My research interests include human-computer interaction (HCI), collective intelligence, visual analytics, and explainable AI. My thesis work studies how we can modularize the complex sensemaking process so that many distributed agents can contribute to suitable components asynchronously and meaningfully. More about me...

Recent and Upcoming Activities

  • Mar 16-20, 2019 -- Attend and present at IUI 2019, Los Angeles, CA
  • I'm awarded IUI 2019 Student Travel Grant
  • Nov 2-8, 2018 -- Attend and present at CSCW 2018, Hudson River, NJ
  • 2017 CRA-W Grad Cohort Workshop April 7-8, 2017, Washington DC