Selected Publications

Code smells codify poor coding patterns known to degrade software quality. Block-based languages have proven to be a viable educational and end-user programming paradigm with increasing adoption across a broad spectrum of users and domains. This rising popularity of this programming paradigm calls for a serious look at the program quality written in block-based languages. While code smells in the context of text-based languages have been studied extensively, the research community lacks a comprehensive understanding of code smells in block-based software...

Recent Publications

  • Sniffing Through Millions of Blocks for Bad Smells

    Details Paper

  • Programming environments for blocks need first-class software refactoring support: A position paper

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  • CS6704 Software Engineering Automation
  • CS6704 Software Refactoring
  • CS6304 Program Analysis & Application
  • CS5304 Translation Design and Construction
  • CS5714 Usability Engineering
  • CS6604 Design/Implementation of Online Education Systems
  • CS5764 Information Visualization
  • CS5014 Research Methods in CS
  • CS5804 Intro Artificial Intelligence