Ye is a PhD candidate in the department of Computer Science in Virginia Tech. His advisor is Dr. Na Meng.

Research Interest

The research interest of Ye is software engineering. he worked on a project of analysis and automation of global systematic changes, which analyzed the feasibility of extracting the pattern of manually code change and applying the change pattern to similar context, and analyzed the coverage and accuracy of the tools that he developed for that.

Right now he is working on a commit classification project. Some software projects have many forks, such as Android. Nearly every Android phone company has its own version of Android. These forks of Android are developed in paralell with Google's original Android. Google releases a new version of its Android every 6 months. The smartphone companies need to merge Google's changes to Android. But the problem is that the changes include so many commits. How do they decide the priority of these commits? To solve this problem, Ye is trying to develope an approach to classify these changes into several categories, with which the smartphone companies can know how to prioritize their jobs.


Ye got a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering from Tsinghua University in China in 2013. He became a PhD student in the Computer Science Department of Virginia Tech from 2016.


  • Ye Wang, Na Meng and Hao Zhong, “An Empirical Study of Multi-Entity Changes in Real Bug Fixes”, in 34th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME). Madrid, Spain, September 23-29, 2018. Accepted. Acceptance ratio 21%.