On my current research interest

My current research interest includes digital libraries, online communities and data mining. I am working on projects that use digital library innovations to assist computing education. Incorporating online communities to digital libraries and engaging users in participating in the community has been one of the main focuses of my research.

Ensemble is a collaborative research project to build a distributed portal with up-to-date contents for all computing communities. We have collected metadata from NSDL projects and other groups. Ensemble provides a base for the development of Digital Libraries (DLs) that blend computing with other STEM areas and facilitates sharing and adaptation across computing related communities. One of the goals of Ensemble is to demonstrate that DL innovations can be propagated to other parts of NSF's National Science Digital Library (www.nsdl.org).

Educational portals such as Algoviz.org seek to direct users to specific resources of interest to them. While AlgoViz has significant traffic, we lack active user data such as ratings and reviews. We instead use log data to deduce connections between different objects in the site (users and resources). I have proposed the concept of Deduced Social Network (DSN) to generate various networks of users and objects within a portal. These networks have the potential to reveal interesting usage patterns which can be used to improve various services of a portal.