CS-4234 (CRN 91768)

Parallel Computation

Fall 2008



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This  class will introduce the fundamental concepts of parallel computing.

Topics include a survey of parallel computer architectures, models of

parallel computation, and interconnection networks; parallel algorithm

development and analysis; programming paradigms and languages for parallel

computation; example applications; performance measurement and evaluation.

If time permits we will discuss additional topics as well.


Lecture: Mon-Wed-Fri 11:15-12:05, 219 McBryde Hall.

Exam: Section 11M; 4:25pm-6:25pm, December 17, 2008.


Instructor: Dr. Adrian Sandu

E-mail: sandu@cs.vt.edu

Phone: 231-2193

Office: 2224 KW-II

Office hours: Mon 2-3pm, 2201 KW-II.


Teaching Assistant: Min Li

E-mail: lm0926@gmail.com 

Office hours: 110 McBryde Hall, Tue 3:30-4:30pm,  Fri 9:00-10:00am.



CS 3204          Operating Systems 

Programming in C or Fortran




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