3D User Interfaces: Theory and Practice

Chapter 13: The Future of 3D User Interfaces

Three-dimensional UI design is not yet a fully mature field. There are many questions still unanswered, many topics still relatively unexplored. In this final chapter, we present a list of 20 important questions that need to be addressed by researchers, students, or developers. Although we could have listed many more important questions, we've limited this list to "grand challenge" questions for 3D UI design. That means that finding the answers to these questions will not be an easy task and that the answers will change the landscape of the field dramatically. Of course, any such list will be subjective, speculative, and biased by the authors' presuppositions (not surprisingly, we are already working on projects related to many of the questions in the list!). Despite these flaws, however, we hope that this list will help you think about the next steps for 3D UIs and inspire you to tackle some of these important issues yourself.

13.1. Questions About 3D UI Technology

13.2. Questions About 3D Interaction Techniques

13.3. Questions About 3D UI Design and Development

13.4. Questions About 3D UI Evaluation

13.5. Million-Dollar Questions


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