3D User Interfaces: Theory and Practice

Chapter 2: 3D User Interfaces: History and Roadmap

Three-dimensional UI design is not a traditional field of research with well-defined boundaries. Like human–computer interaction (HCI), it draws from many disciplines and has links to a wide variety of topics. In this chapter, we briefly describe the history of 3D UIs to set the stage for the rest of the book. We also present a 3D UI "roadmap" that positions the topics covered in this book relative to associated areas. After reading this chapter, you should have an understanding of the origins of 3D UIs and its relation to other fields, and you should know what types of information to expect from the remainder of this book.

2.1. History of 3D UIs

2.2. Roadmap to 3D UIs

    2.2.1. Areas Informing the Design of 3D UIs

    2.2.2. 3D UI Subareas

    2.2.3. Areas Impacted by 3D UIs

2.3. Scope of This Book

2.4. Conclusion


Devoted to the design and evaluation of three-dimensional user interfaces