3D User Interfaces: Theory and Practice

Chapter 3: 3D User Interface Output Hardware

This chapter begins our discussion of the hardware commonly used in 3D user interfaces. We examine visual, auditory, and haptic display devices and see how they affect 3D UI design and development. Additionally, we describe the characteristics of different output devices and develop some general strategies for choosing appropriate hardware.

3.1. Introduction

    3.1.1. Chapter Roadmap

3.2. Visual Displays

    3.2.1. Visual Display Characteristics

    3.2.2. Depth Cues

    3.2.3. Visual Display Device Types

3.3. Auditory Displays

    3.3.1. 3D Sound Localization Cues

    3.3.2. 3D Sound Generation

    3.3.3. Sound System Configurations

    3.3.4. Audio in 3D Interfaces

3.4. Haptic Displays

    3.4.1. Haptic Cues

    3.4.2. Haptic Display Characteristics

    3.4.3. Haptic Display Types

    3.4.4. Haptic Displays in 3D Interfaces

3.5. Design Guidelines: Choosing Output Devices for 3D Interfaces

3.6. Conclusion


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