From: Sandy Ressler <>
February 11, 2004 10:29:30 AM EST
 Cc: Sandy Ressler <>
 Subject: SIGGRAPH 04 Special Session Call for Participation, Demo or
 ****************SIGGRAPH 2004 Special Event**************
 Call for Participation
 Real Time 3DX - Demo or Die
 Submit your work to “Real Time 3DX – Demo or Die” a new special event
 for SIGGRAPH 2004.
 Hosted and organized by Sandy Ressler (National Institute of Standards
 and Technology), with real organizational skills by Leonard Daly (Daly
 Realism). Fun real-time voting technology (no chads!) developed in
 collaboration with
Iowa State University.
 If you’ve ever attended past “Roundups” or “Web3D Showcases” or seen
 the recent SIGGRAPH “Fast Forward” sessions…that’s the sort of event
 this will be… fast, fun and furiously funny! NOT limited to just Web3D
 technologies, this year It will be bigger and better then ever.
 Be prepared to stand in front of a couple thousand people to show off
 your best real time 3D work in under 2 minutes! And don’t worry if you
 fumble, your host will be amply prepared to make fun of you.
 You will have up to two whole minutes to present your real time 3D
 computer graphics work. Your work will go into one of 4 categories.
 All of the work in any of the categories are to be real time
 interactive 3D graphics. You must interact with the work. These are
 NOT to be videos of cool 3D work, the emphasis is on REAL TIME
 1) Business/Educational/Artistic/Scientific/Training:
 Works that try to educate, teach scientific principles, visualize data
 or information, control equipment, train people, control people (just
 kidding), inspire, amaze with beauty, show off industrial design,
 architecture, engineering type applications and all you can imagine.
 2) Games/Entertainment:
 Come and entertain us with the best you
 have of games, or other humorous 3D work that amuses and delights the
 audience. We want to see the games you're working on, but not
 commercial off-the-shelf products. If it's a prototype or student work
 or research project, even if in a big or small company, that's great!
 If you can go out and buy this thing...sorry there are other venues
 for that type of work. And remember its got to be real time 3D and
 you've got 2 minutes.
 3) 3D Multi-User Environments:
 Whether it's entertaining, serious, or artistic show us the best of
 your multi-user worlds. We want to see at least two people (avatars,
 entities etc) doing activities, which we will leave to your
 imagination, with which you interact. Yes we can provide a network
 4) Emerging Technologies:
 Everything else under the sun that's 3D and real time. Are you working
 in a top secret lab and want to show off your work..bring it on! Are
 you a starving grad student...we won't feed you but we'd love to see
 your 3D stuff. These will be technical demonstrations; cutting edge
 research techniques in corporate, national labs or student
 work. Basically this is the catch all catagory for everything you can
 imagine and epitomized by the "Demo or Die" attitude prevalent in the
 industry... as long as it's 3D and real time. But only 3D REAL TIME
 type of work.
 You will submit your work to one of the four categories although the
 jury reserves the right to place your submission into another category
 if deemed appropriate. For example your Web3D game might be better in
 the Game or Multi-User category.
 At the end of each category and at the end of the show the audience
 will decide on the winners via a fun mass audience voting technology,
 using lasers, currently being developed by some great students at
Iowa State University.
 Go to
 and fill out the form (available soon). It would be best if you could
 send URLs illustrative of the work. In the case of Web3D submissions
 URLs to the actual real time work would be best. QuickTime or AVI or
 MPEG movies of the works are good also, however remember that the
 demos must run in real time for the show. If you have some odd
 requirement let the jury know and we will try to accommodate but make
 no promises.
June 1, 2004
 The JURY:
 An esteemed (at least in their own minds) panel of experienced 3D
 There will be 1 winner for each of the four categories
 plus one overall “Best of Show” winner. Prizes may range from
 worthless certificates to cool software/hardware/t-shirts depending on
 we con....ugh.., persuade to donate stuff.
 Fun Fun technically Inspiring and FUN; No commercialism or salesy type
 pitches, these will NOT be tolerated! During the show your host will
 likely make pithy remarks either complimenting you, making fun of you
 and/or making fun of himself.
 The HOST and ORGANIZER: Sandy Ressler (3D Computer Graphics Guy,
 National Institute of Standards and Technology,
 note that any humor expressed in this announcement or event does
 not constitute an endorsement by any Federal agency)
 The Co ORGANIZER: Leonard Daly (President, Daly Realism)
 The SPONSORS: We're looking for 'em...get in touch if you would
 like to take advantage of this opportunity.
 QUESTIONS?: If you have any send email to... "3dx at"
 (replace the at with you know what)
 NAME: Sandy Ressler TELE: (301)
 USMAIL: National Institute of Standards and Technology FAX: (301)
 100 Bureau Drive STOP 8940
 Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8940 EMAIL:
 Open Virtual Reality Testbed: