Ali R. Butt

Associate Professor
Computer Science
and ECE (by courtesy)
COE Faculty Fellow
Virginia Tech
2202 Kraft Dr., Blacksburg, VA 24061
Office: 2-205 KW-II (CRC)
Email: butta AATT

Ali received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University in 2006. Ali is a recipient of an NSF CAREER Award (2008), an IBM Faculty Award (2008), a VT College of Engineering (COE) Dean's award for "Outstanding New Assistant Professor" (2009), an IBM Shared University Research Award (2009), and NetApp Faculty Fellowships (2011, 2015). He was named a VT COE Faculty Fellow in 2013. Ali was an Academic Visitor at IBM Almaden Research Center (Summer 2012) and a Visiting Research Fellow at Queen's University of Belfast (Summer 2013). He has served as the Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (2013--present) and Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems (2010--present). He was selected to participate in National Academy of Engineering's USFOE Symposium (2009), USJFOE (2012), AAFOSEM (2015), and also as an organizer for the 2010 USFOE. Ali's research interests are in operating systems, distributed systems, file and storage systems, cloud computing, grid environments, peer-to-peer systems, and self-organizing systems. At Virginia Tech he leads the Distributed Systems & Storage Laboratory (DSSL).


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CS3214: Intro. to Computer Systems (Spring 2010, Spring 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2014, Spring 2015)
CS4284: Systems & Networking Capstone (Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Fall 2012, Fall 2014, Spring 2016)
CS5204: Operating Systems (Fall 2006, Fall 2008, Fall 2009, Fall 2011, Fall 2014)
CS6204: Cloud Computing (Fall 2010); File and Storage Systems (Fall 2007); A Walk on the Cloud Side (Spring 2016)
CS3204: Operating Systems (Spring 2007, Spring 2008, Spring 2009, Fall 2009)
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