I am a PhD candidate in the Discovery Analytics Center working with Dr. Chris North in his InfoVis lab on creating new visual analytics tools for high-dimensional data. As part of my UrbComp Fellowship, I am also working with Dr. Mike Horning to create a new visual analytics system to help people reflect on how they determine the validity of news sources. To help achieve this goal, I also belong to the Bayesian Visual Analytics (BaVA) research group, which brings together professors and students from both Statistics and Computer Science to research issues related to visualizing, interacting with, and understanding high-dimensional data. To achieve this goal, we research how human-in-the-loop methods can be applied to support the sensemaking process via a visual analytics systems.

In addition to the experiences through various internships, as detailed in my CV, I have also taught 2 courses, tutored for 5 years, mentored 4 students, and created my own Git tutorial and "cheat sheet." (See my Teaching and Tutorials page for more information.)

I am currently searching for positions that will allow me to pursue both my teaching and research interests after I graduate in May.

To learn more about me, my research, and my teaching-related experiences, click on the links above.