You can download my resume here and my CV here.

Current Projects

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Design and Evaluation of 3D Selection Techniques based on Progressive Refinement

with Doug A. Bowman
My thesis project is about the design and implementation of 3D selection techniques that use progressive refinement of the set of selectable objects to reduce the required precision of the task. Progressive refinement is an approach we developed that allows users to perform a precise selection using multiple rough selections that require very little precision. We have designed and evaluated several interaction techniques that use this design. more info
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Annotation of Point Clouds using Free-Hand Gestures

with Mahdi Nabiyouni, Cristian Moral, and Doug Bowman
Inspired by the current generation of "natural user interface" technologies, we designed a set of tools for 3D point cloud annotation based on free-hand gesture input. Our techniques include a chef’s knife metaphor to cut the point cloud and swipe away unwanted parts, a resizable volumetric cursor to specify complex 3D shapes, and a lasso tool to draw a selection outline. These tools are used interchangeably through progressive refinement to allow the user to specify points of interest and annotate. more info
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DARPA Robotics Challenge

with Doug Bowman in collaboration with TORC Robotics, and the Simulation, Systems Optimization and Robotics Group at TU Darmstadt
I am the lead UI designer and developer of the robot operator interface for Team ViGIR in the DARPA Robotics Challenge competition. The challenge is to design software to control robots in disaster response scenarios, including more efficient ways for robot operators to control the robot. more info
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with Siroberto Scerbo, Anamary Leal, and Doug Bowman
I am helping in the design and implementation of the VR Knowledgebase, a crowdsourced online repository that holds our understanding on the effects of immersion, or display fidelity, and display types on various tasks and measures in virtual environments. You can access it at
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Llamas vs. Kiwis

with Siroberto Scerbo, and Doug Bowman
We designed an augmented reality game that places virtual objects in the real-world with virtual and real object occlusion and uses tangible interaction with a tablet device. Our solution uses a Kinect, iPad, and slingshot case to create an interactive game reminiscent of Angry Birds. This was our entry for the Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards (NUMA) 2013, winning second place. more info

Past Projects

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Deformable Touch Surfaces

with Mike Sinclair, and Hrvoje Benko
Design, fabrication and development of several deformable touch surface prototypes that have both multitouch capabilities, variable deformation height and shape.
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Structure and Form Analysis System (SAFAS)

with Nicholas F. Polys, Mehdi Setareh, and Brett D. Jones
Development of an educational tool that supports teaching structural engineering concepts by using information visualization concepts. Go to the SAFAS website for more information.
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GPU Load Balancing for Stereo Rendering

with Yong Cao
Study of different load balancing options for stereo rendering with a GPU-based ray-tracer with several different setups (e.g., CAVE-like display).
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Collaborative Navigation in Virtual Search and Rescue

with Eric D. Ragan, Cheryl Stinson, Siroberto Scerbo, and Doug Bowman
Exploration of the use of a collaborative guidance system for search-and-rescue in a complex 3D environment. Based on an augmented reality approach, we implemented and evaluated a proof-of-concept system that allowed a scene commander and responder to efficiently search a building using visual, nonverbal communication.
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Building Blocks

with Cheryl Stinson, Bireswar Laha, and Doug Bowman
Design and implementation of an innovative solution to solve 3D puzzles. Rather than using a direct manipulation technique to handle placement of the puzzle pieces, such as the virtual hand, we designed an innovative technique based on building blocks. We aimed to provide a fun and intuitive way to solve puzzles that is not possible in the physical world. Rather than having to focus on specific pieces one at a time, users instead build pieces from individual building blocks, allowing them to focus on the structure of the puzzle space.
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3D Interaction Techniques for Low-Cost Devices

with Regis Kopper, Anamary Leal, Tao Ni, and Doug Bowman
As our entry to the first 3DUI Grand prize, we developed a complete 3D user interface using only commodity hardware. The interface contains all aspects of a 3D UI, including navigation, selection and manipulation. This project is where the concept of progressive refinement was first used.