CS 6204 - Advanced Topics in Systems

This is an advanced study course that introduces students to ongoing Operating 
Systems research.  We will focus, in particular, on OS kernel, virtualization, 
scheduling, concurrency and synchronization, virtual memory, file system,  
devices, as well as distributed systems and applications in cloud environments. 
The class will contain a short part lectures, the rest will consist of student 
presentations of the papers we'll read.  These papers will include  both seminal 
papers and recent papers from top-level systems conferences. The goal of this 
course is to enable students to read and evaluate systems research.  Students 
will work on a semester long practical project or on  a survey paper.  Expected 
reading is about 1-2 papers per week. 
We assume that you have taken a basic course in Operating Systems, such as  
CS 3214, CS 4284, or CS 5204.

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