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Usability Methods & Tools

In the Usability Methods Research Laboratory at Virginia Tech, Rex Hartson has led long-term projects with a broad vision to bring methodology, theory, and practice together in creating a new generation of usability methods and tools to design for, measure, and manage usability within the interaction development process life cycle. Hartson is now retired from Virginia Tech but is still working to tie up loose ends. This site describes those efforts. Use the link in the navigation bar above to see the remaining active projects, some selected publications, and Hartson's personal web pages. The final link above leads to information on available usability consulting services and short courses in usability engineering and designing for a quality user experience.

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Underlying premise of our work: Usability is a design issue, not a software issue.

The concept of affordance, in its various forms, is a key concept within this work.

Last modified 1-9-2007