CS 6204
Mobile Computing
Spring 2013

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Instructor and Office Hours

Dr. Ing-Ray Chen
Office: NVC 312
Email: irchen@cs.vt.edu
TEL: (703) 538-8376
FAX: (703) 538-8348
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 3pm-4pm.

Course Description

6204: ADVANCED TOPICS IN SYSTEMS - MOBILE COMPUTING. This course is offered for those who are interested in understanding and building systems support mechanisms for mobile computing systems including client-server web/database/file systems, and mobile ad hoc and sensor networks for achieveing the goal of anytime, anywhere computing in wireless mobile environments. The technologies involved to realize such a system will be covered and the fundamental concepts of mobile computing are introduced. These include mobility and service management, data management, routing in mobile ad hoc and sensor networks, and security issues for mobile systems. While mobile computing covers many topics, in this course our main focus will be on mobility, data and service management, and security issues in mobile computing environments. Students are expected to be familiar with basic concepts in Operating Systems and Networks in this class.

Topics to be Covered (Tentative)

Mobility and Location Management (1 week)
Data and Resource Management (2 weeks)
Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks (2 weeks)
Security for Mobile and Wireless Computing (1 week)
Paper presentation and discussion (6 weeks)


F. Adelstein, S.K.S. Gupta, G.G. Richard III and L. Schwiebert, Fundamentals of Mobile and Pervasive Computing, McGraw Hill, 2005, ISBN: 0-07-141237-9.

Class Schedule

Date Source Subject
1/19 Chap. 2, Ref [1-4] Mobility Management
1/26 Chap. 3, Ref [5-6] Data Management
2/2 Chap. 3, Ref [7-10] Resource Management
2/9 Chap. 8, 9, Ref [11-12] Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks I
2/16 Chap. 10, 11, Ref [13-16] Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks II
2/23 Chap. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, Ref [17-19] Security for Mobile and Wireless Computing
3/1 Chap. 2-3, 8-16, and Ref [1-19] Exam 1
3/15 TBA Paper presentation
3/22 TBA Paper presentation
3/29 TBA Paper presentation
4/5 TBA Paper presentation
4/12 TBA Paper presentation
4/19 TBA Paper presentation
4/26 TBA Paper presentation
5/3 P* Exam 2

Ref [1-19] - Supplemental papers listed above during the lecture period
P* - Papers selected for presentation during the presentation period

Paper List (Tentative and Subject to Changes)



  • 30% exam 1
  • 30% exam 2
  • 40% class participation and paper presentation

    Lecture Slides


    Term Project

    Each student can optionally submit a term project to improve the grade by Dec. 9. Grouping of up to 2 people working on the same topic in one group is allowed. The term project must be written in the form of a research paper including the following components: (1) a survey of the topic and a listing of drawbacks that currently exist; (2) objective of the paper, i.e., problem(s) that the paper is addressing, (3) approach(es) proposed to solve the problem(s); (4) analytical or simulation studies and results obtained to validate the approach(es) proposed; (5) conclusions and future search areas. The total number of pages (single column, double spaced) should not exceed 20 pages including figures and tables. Any copying of existing paper sentences or other prople's (or other groups') work is not allowed and is considered a violation of honor code. A term project should focus on one of the topics listed below. Topics not in this list can also be considered with the consent of the instructor.

    Preferred List of Topics for the Term Project:

  • Mobility Management in Mobile Systems

  • Service Management in Wireless Mobile Systems

  • Data Management in Wireless Mobile Systems

  • Failure Recovery and Fault Tolerance in Wireless Mobile Systems

  • Group Communications in Mobile Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks

  • Security in Mobile Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks

  • Routing, Self-Reconfiguration, and Data Delivery in Mobile Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks

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