Linux Lab #1

Due Monday, May 23

Create and Configure a Virtual Machine (0 pts)

  1. Create a Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 virtual machine with the following characteristics:
  2. Download the Microsoft Virtual PC PXE bootdisk and configure the VM to boot from that disk image

Install SuSE Linux (12 pts)

  1. Boot the VM and begin a new SuSE Linux installation via PXE
  2. Configure the SuSE linux partitions as follows:

    Partition # Mount Point Size Filesystem
    1 /boot 50 MB Ext3
    2 swap 128 MB swap
    3 / 8 GB ReiserFS
    4 /home Remaining Ext3

  3. Wait until all packages have installed
  4. Create a secure root password which is stored with Blowfish encryption and contains the dollar-sign '$'
  5. Configure the network card as follows:

  6. Create four new users with usernames "stan", "kyle", "kenny", and "cartman"

Make a report (12 pts)

  1. Log into the new installation as root
  2. Create a file named "report.HOSTNAME.DATE", where HOSTNAME is your computer's hostname and DATE is the current date in DDMMYYYY format
  3. List all users, processes, and ports on the system and pipe the results into the report file
  4. Use 'uname' to append the hostname and architecture to the report
  5. Use 'echo' to append the phrase "Root password: PASSWORD", where PASSWORD is the root password you set on installation, to the report. (Hint: Remember that the root password contains a '$')
  6. Use scp to copy this report to as user "cs3040" and password "cs3040