Partial-credit Evaluation for Multiple-Choice Assignments


Machine-graded multiple-choice assignments have become ubiquitous, especially for large class sections when quick turnaround of results is necessary.  But the traditional technologies for evaluating these assignments have some drawbacks:

Some, but not all, of these may be addressed by using an online quiz system such as those provided by WebCT or Blackboard.  However, such systems are only appropriate for assignments that can be completed online, and require the instructor to conform to the particular question formatting and creation protocols of the system that is chosen.

Marker allows a more accurate assessment of student knowledge, providing for a finer distinction among partially and wholly incorrect responses.  Additional benefits include the generation of individualized reports for each student, creation of a statistical summary, and the ability to easily correct errors in the original key used in grading the assignment.

Marker is free for any academic user.  Potential users should examine the manual to determine whether it is suitable for their needs.  The current version is 2009.06.17 and is distributed in a standard zip file.

Changes from previous versions are described here.

New versions are released periodically via this site.  No technical support is provided, aside from the user manual, but bug reports and suggestions for changes or extensions can be sent to the author.

Last updated: Thursday, July 02, 2009