Promita Chakraborty

"We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves." - Galileo Galilei

Few Outreach Activities

Not updated. Last update: Nov 2013

  • Exhibit item for Lawrence Hall of Science Museum> Working on contents to convey the concept of protein folding visually to museum-goers - Work-in-progress

  • 8 Sept, Solano Stroll 2013, Berkeley, California> Outreach with Peppytides in the Berkeley Lab booth at the Solano Stroll 2013 where general public experienced playing with Peppytides and learnt about how proteins look like at the nano-scale.

  • 6 April, 2013, Mills College, Oakland, California (Upward Bound Nanoscience Workshop)> Students had a hands-on session with Peppytides and learnt about alpha helix and beta sheets, the two secondary structures of proteins.

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