Ross Glandon

   Paul Tranquilli

     "There are at least two ways to combat stiffness. One is to design a better computer, the other, to design a better algorithm."
--H. Lomax in Aiken 1985





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I am currently a postdoctoral associate in the Process Systems Engineering Laboratory in the department of Chemical Engineering at MIT. My research is primarily focused on the development of new, efficient, highly scalable methods for solving large, stiff systems of ordinary differential equations.

My work focuses on the development of numerical schemes to approximate solutions of large, stiff systems of Ordinary Differential Equations.

I have developed a new class of matrix-free Rosenbrock type methods called Rosenbrock-Krylov methods. These methods are an extension of Rosenbrock-W methods which make use of a specific approximation of the Jacobian matrix to reduce the number of required order conditions. More interestingly they couple the time integrator and linear solver into one computational process, and account for errors in solutions to the linear systems in the order conditions.


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