CS5314: Concepts of Programing Languages
Spring 2016
Assignment III: Regular Expressions in Python
Due by: 11:59pm on April 27, 2016

Python is a popular scripting language which includes the procedural, functional and object-oriented programming paradigms. It has become a popular programming language to teach to beginning programmers because of (i) its simple syntax, denoted in part by indentation, (ii) its dynamic typing, (iii) its built-in, high-level data structures and their useful pre-defined operations, and (iv) its many "helper" libraries aimed at accoomplishing practical tasks. Our small Python project will explore the use of the regular expressions library (re), the use of files for I/O, and the use of dictionaries.

We will be using the Spyder graphical IDE based on the Anaconda Python framework for Python 3.5: https://www.continuum.io/why-anaconda
The download page on this website offers versions of Python 3.5 for Windows, Mac and Linux; please choose the Python 3.5 version. You may choose to develop your Python code on any environent, but it will be graded in the Anaconda Python 3.5 Spyder IDE.

Problem description

The tasks you are asked to perform will involve source code obtained from various webpages including:

You will be asked to find certain data items on these webpages and then to accumulate and report metrics about this data. You will be writing regular expressions and using Python libraries to accomplish these tasks. You may want to consult the documentation of the re library.

The three tasks in this project are: