CS6304 Fall 2015

Expected Work

The seminar will start off with lectures on some basic topics in dataflow analysis, to establish a common set of definitions and terms that we will use all semester. There may be some homework problems esassociated with these initial topics to help students self-check their understanding.

The plan is to read 3 papers per week in various topics of static and dynamic analysis during the term. Each week each student is expected to read these papers, participate in the group discussion (usually one of the students in the class will present each paper), and to turn in a write-up addressing the following three issues explained below before the class begins. Students are expected to present some papers to the class; the number of presentations per stuent will depend on our finalized reading list and final class size.

Here are the issues to be discussed in the weekly write-ups of the papers read:

As a final project, a student will be expected to choose a particular area of interest related to the seminar, prepare a reading list of at least 10 papers not covered in class, to be vetted by the instructor, and then write up a literature survey of those papers. All four of these aspects of class participation – paper presentation, participation in class discussions of papers, written weekly paper summaries, and a final literature survey of approved papers, will “count” in your final grade for the seminar.

A list of seminal and more recent papers in static and dynamic analysis, especially for OOPLs (such as Java and C++) and JavaScript (an example of a dynamic language) will be provided on the class website under the headings Topics by the Week and Reading list. Addditional papers may be added during the semester.

Paper presentation procedures: Our class will meet for a total of 150 minutes one day a week. We will cover 3 paper presentations per class period. Each paper presesntation will be alloted 30 minutes followed by 10 minutes of questions and class disscussion. This will leave us with 15 minutes at the end of each class to disuss the 3 papers together.

Presenter responsibilities: The presenter must turn in a PDF of their presentation for display on the website. DO NOT REUSE CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS (e.g., POSTED BY AUTHORS) FOR YOUR CLASS PRESENTATION. The presentation should be crafted to explain the main points of the paper, possibly using examples or charts from the paper, with suitable citaton on the slide, to better explicate your points. Make sure to stick to the 30 minute time limit. For most people, this will mean limiting yourself to no more than 25 slides.

Presentation attendees responsibilitie Each student must turn in their write-ups for that class's 3 papers before class starts. Please use either plain text or PDF for your write-ups. Questions about the paper or issues to be discussed should be brought to the presentation by each student.

A class online support site will be created for electronic submission of materials.

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