Emerging Scholars in Computer Science

How to register -- FAQ

What's the required background for RESCS participants?

We especially are looking for students, from groups underrepresented in Computer Science (i.e., women, African-Americans, Latinos), who are calculus-ready, with strong backgrounds in mathematics and science, evidenced by strong SAT Math scores and high school grades, who may not have considered studying Computer Science.

If I want to participate, what do I register for?

Students who receive an invitation, by surface mail or email, to join the RESCS program, or who are invited into the program by their academic dean, are welcome to register for the RESCS program. This means you must register for both

Use the online registration system to add 198:293 for 1 credit to your schedule. Consult the course schedule for this semester to find a section that 'fits' wiht your schedule and the corresponding index number to use for the section.

If you are an incoming freshman in your first semester at Rutgers, and you do not have access to the online registration system, you should contact Prof Ryder at rescs@cs.rutgers.edu or someone in the Academic Services office on your campus to help you register you for 198:293. Some incoming students will have already received their academic year schedule before registering for RESCS. You will need to contact the academic dean's office in order to change your schedule to add the two computer science courses and to register for them.

If you are interested in RESCS and think you meet the requirements to participate, but have not been invited to do so, please go to the academic dean's office to check your eligibility.

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