Emerging Scholars in Computer Science

Our Peer Leaders Speak Out

Why I choose to study Computer Science?

Computers are everywhere. Most people use them everyday, in some form or other. Knowing how they work will give me a great advantage in today's world. I always enjoyed learning how things work on the inside and why they do what they do. There have been many times in my computer science classes when the professor explains a concept or an idea and I say to myself "That's how they do it!" Learning the mysteries of something so complicated yet amazing and realizing that it's not that complicated after all, but still just as amazing, is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I first decided to take a CS course as an elective to fill a gap in my schedule, and had no desire to continue with it. However, after a few weeks, I realized that I really enjoyed it. It taught me to think in a new and interesting way, and to solve problems I previously never would have considered. Although it is often challenging, the feeling of success I receive when I finally solve a difficult problem makes the challenge worth it. In addition, I decided to change my major to CS because of the opportunities it presented. Doors open in every field with a good knowledge of computers, and I feel that my background in computer science will make me a competitive job applicant for any position I apply for.

Growing up I have always had a strong interest in mathematics and the sciences, but it wasn't until I took a CS elective class in high school that I thought of Computer Science as a possible subject for me to study. I realized that most every company or institution heavily relies on computers every day in order to function, and that having a career in Computer Science offered me a flexibility in where and for whom I could work for in the future. The fact that all organizations, from the government, to huge Wall Street companies, to small non-profit organizations could all potentially offer me a future job position is what I feel is most appealing about studying Computer Science.

We're not serious all the time.

Helen's group at an RESCS session in Fall 2005.

Us in Madison, WI with 'cheese head' hats.

And we try them on again in spring 2006.

Our 2006 peer leaders in Madison at the training weekend.

Working over the summer (with Prof Hari)!

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