198:671 Seminar in Object-oriented Programming Languages:
Compilation and Code Optimization,
Tools for Testing, Debugging and Program Understanding

Fall 1999
Prof Barbara G. Ryder

Topics List

The abbreviations used here usually correspond to the following with the "*" publications usually appearing as Lecture Notes in Computer Science volumes. Only significant papers more than 5 years old have been listed. Most of these can be found in the Math Library (see reserve section for proceedings); also, often the papers are on the web, listed on the author's webpage.

You will notice there may be missing papers from the following conferences: PLDI'99, PPoPP'99, Java Grande'99, COOTS'99.


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  • Escape Analysis for Object-Oriented Languages. Application to Java Bruno Blanchet, INRIA Rocquencourt

  • Compositional Pointer and Escape Analysis for Java Programs John Whaley and Martin Rinard, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, OOPSLA99

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    Type Inference

  • V. Sundaresan, L. Hendren, C. Razafimahefa, R. Vallee-Rai, P. Lam, E. Gagnon, "Practical Virtual Method Call Resolution for Java" Sable Technical Report NO 1999-2, April 1999. (Note: http://www.sable.mcgill.ca is the website for Laurie Hendren's research group.)

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  • Programming Language Design

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  • SUNs HOTSPOT compiler

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  • Kaffe is a Java Environment including a JIT

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    Dynamic Profiling

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    For more on profiling click here.


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    Threads and Concurrency

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  • Java OS White Paper

  • preEmptive solutions

    Computational Science

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    Some websites of interest

    Craig Chambers' Vortex group at University of Washington
    Andrew Chien's group at University of Illinois (Andrew now at UCSD)
    Laurie Hendren's Sable group at McGill in Montreal.
    Mary Jean Harrold's group (testing) at Ohio State
    Urs Holzle's group at UCSB
    Andi Krall at University of Vienna
    Bill Pugh's Java page
    Frank Tip's home page

    For papers out of the IBM T.J. Watson group look at ibm's site and use the "find a technology" button.
    Also check, here. A site devoted to dynamic compilation.

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