CS6604: Reinventing CS Education through the eTextbook

Spring Semester 2012

(CRN 12103)
(CRN 18858 - VT MENA)
(CRN 19051 - Dhalgren)

Room and Time

2:30-3:45 on Mondays/Wednesdays in Hutcheson 207


Dr. Cliff Shaffer
Office: Torgersen 2000A, 540-231-4354
Office Hours: TBA



The goal for the electronic textbook is to change how education is done. This will not happen simply by migrating static textbooks online, but rather by harnassing the full potential of the computer to create totally new artifacts that combine content and multimedia (the prior limits of the tradtional "eBook") with simulation, automated assessment, and personalized tutoring.

This course will cover a broad range of topics that can support the eTextbook of the future, especially as they relate to CS education. Topics include:

This will be a seminar-style course based largely on reading and discussing research papers. A significant semester project will be developed by students, either individually or in teams. Publishable papers related to the projects are possible and will be encouraged.

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