JAMM - Java Applets Made Multiuser


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This version of JAMM supports the shared use of 100% pure Swing-based user interface components.

System Overview

JAMM is an experimental system to allow multiple users to simultaneously use a Java applet.

New technology is allowing the computing field to shift its focus from personal computing to interpersonal computing. People interact together in all aspects of life and, as computers have become prevalent, users seek computer support for their interactions. The WWW provides an unprecedented opportunity for users to interact with each other, and the advent of Java has created a consistent computing environment in which to support synchronous collaboration. JAMM is a prototype Java runtime environment that supports the shared use of existing Java applets, thus leveraging the existing base of software for synchronous collaboration. Our approach is based on a replicated architecture, where each user maintains their own copy of the Java applet, and the users' input events are broadcast to each applet copy. JAMM explores solutions to certain key problems, such as unanticipated sharing, supporting late-joiners, and replicating input sources other than user inputs (e.g., files, sockets, and random number generators).

Keywords: Computer-supported cooperative work, groupware, collaboration transparency, Java.


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James "Bo" Begole
Nov 11, 1997