Flexible JAMM Screenshots

Figure 1.  This is one user's view of the Stylepad application being shared via Flexible JAMM.  Each participant's cursor position in the text is represented with a uniquely colored and named telepointer.  The participant in this screenshot is named "Solaris User" and uses green, while the remote participant is named "PC User" and uses red.

Swing's Stylepad shared via Flexible JAMM

Location-relaxed WYSIWIS

Flexible JAMM supports a feature unique to collaboration-transparency systems, but common to collaboration-aware application: location-relaxed WYSIWIS.  WYSIWIS (What You See Is What I See) is a CSCW principle in which all participants have exactly the same view of the shared data at the same time, allowing conversation to be grounded on the common view of the shared data.  However, most collaborative work is not so tightly coupled, and so long as the more relaxed principle of What You See Is What I Think You See (WYSIWITYS) is maintained, collaborators can view and work in different parts of the shared data simultaneously.

Flexible JAMM supports WYSIWITYS by employing a radar view of the shared data which displays all participants' independent locations.  The WYSIWIS constraint is relaxed so that participants may change their location in the shared independent of each other.

Figure 2a.  In this figure, each user has an independent view into the text area.  Each participant can see where another is viewing via his or her colored and cross-hatched rectangle in the radar view window to the right.   In this screenshot, from Solaris User's host, we can see that Solaris User (green rectangle) is viewing and editing near the bottom of the text, while PC User (red rectangle)  is viewing near the middle of the text.

Figure 2a - Independent view of text

Figure 2b.  This is the corresponding screenshot taken from PC User's host.

Figure 2b. Other participant's view.

Collaborative Learning

Figure 3. Any 100% pure Swing component may be shared. This is one collaborator's view of a physics education simulation, called BlockAndPlane, shared via Flexible JAMM. Each of the two text output areas, labeled "Data" and "Parameters" in the bottom window, has a corresponding radar view in the upper portion of the figure. This screenshot includes the Collaboration Controls Window and input-control telepointers.

Figure 3. One collaborator's view of
	  a shared physics education simulation, BlockAndPlane.

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