SIGCSE'11 Workshop 7: How to Use Algorithm Visualizations in Your Class

Abstract: Students and instructors say overwhelmingly that they love algorithm visualizations, but most instructors rarely incorporate them into their classes. Instructors tell us that two things get in their way: (1) difficulty in finding good AVs and information about how they can be used effectively and (2) difficulty in making changes to the class that are needed to introduce this new approach. We will guide you past the real-life pitfalls that get in the way of using AVs in the classroom. We show you how to find the resources that you need, and present case studies of successful classroom deployments This workshop is about helping you to make the changes you have said for years that you want to make. You will get time to try out some recommended AVs during the workshop. Laptop recommended.

Intended Audience: Instructors of courses that include content (or with prerequisite material) related to data structures, algorithms, or formal languages. Ideal for instructors who have thought in the past about using AVs in their class, but have had limited or no successful experience in doing so.


Schedule: (Total: 3 hours)