My name is Shuo Niu. I am a PhD student at Computer Science Department of Virginia Tech. My research area is human-computer interaction, focusing on surface technologies for collaborative and interactive text mining. My advisor is Dr. Scott McCrickard.


My research focuses on the design and implementation of groupware supporting co-located sense-making activities. Projects I led use surface technologies, machine-learning approaches and data visualization to support different types of collaborative tasks. Surface technologies provide intuitive ways for users to view and organize digital contents. My work abstracts and translates user interactions into machine-learning parameters and use visualization techniques to support collaborative information analysis. Here are my selected research projects and publications.

Recent Activities

March. 2017 Demo AwareSpace in the Workshop Technology on the Trail.
October. 2016 Participate FIE '16, Erie, PA.
June. 2015 Participate CTS '15, Atlanta, GA.
March. 2015 Participate SIGCSE '15, Kansas City, MO.
January. 2015 Pass the PhD Qualifier Exam with a survey paper on HCI and HRI.
October. 2014 Participate ASSETS '14, Rochester, NY.
Aug. 2013 Start my new life at Virginia Tech!




Room 1120, KnowledgeWorks 2, 2202 Kraft Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24060, U.S.A.