My research focuses on the design and implementation of groupware supporting co-located sense-making activities. Projects I led use surface technologies, machine-learning approaches and data visualization to support different types of collaborative tasks. Surface technologies provide intuitive ways for users to view and organize the digital contents. My work abstracts and translates user interactions into machine-learning parameters and use visualization techniques to support information analysis and sense-making.

Graduate Projects

AwareSpace: Collaborative Exploration of Hiking Blogs with Surface Technologies

AwareSpace leverages surface technologies to support dynamic explorations of blog data with text-ming approaches and data visualizations. The surface connects the intuitive touch interaction with the machine learning technologies to help readers explore self-defined topics in the blog data.

Exploring Card-Based Sense-Making Activities with Large Multi-touch Display

Large-scale multi-touch displays provide highly interactive spaces for small group activities. These devices feature the ability to detect concurrent touch inputs, which enable multiple co-located collaborators to manipulate virtual spaces in myriad ways. This project explores the patterns of collaborative sense making activities with large multi-touch display.

Smartwatch in CS Education: Augmenting Undergraduate Computer Science Education With Programmable Smartwatches

Smartwatches are emerging as wrist-based computers capable of complex calculation and communication. This project puts forth an experience report focused on efforts to incorporate smartwatches in an upper-level undergraduate mobile application development class.

Tongue-able Interfaces: Prototyping and Evaluating Camera Based Tongue Gesture Input System

Tongue is a promising candidate to build hand free human-computer interface. In this project, we introduces a new non-contact tongue interface, Tongible for people with dexterity impairment to access computer.

Undergraduate Projects

SmartCipher: Password by Touch

SmartCipher is a novel computer password based on Microsoft's latest TouchMouse. This kind of mouse contains a sensor matrix on its top surface and can catch signal if user put his hand on it. We use this property to protect user's password.

Forsect: Turn your head, reach out your tongue and stick forest insects!

Forsect is a novel tongue based computer game. When playing Forsect, a player act as a chameleon. He turns his head to adjust viewing angle and seek the insects. Then the user reaches out his tongue to stick the insect. The user's motion was captured by an RGB webcam, and interpreted by image processing technique.