Brief introduction to SmartCipher

SmartCipher is a novel computer password generated by Microsoft TouchMouse. This kind of mouse contains a sensor matrix on its top surface and can catch signal if user put his hand on it. Traditional passwords are character sequences and they are hard to remember. On the other hand images and symbols are easier to be recognized and recalled. Our project aims to utilize user's hand gesture to invent a kind of password applied in PC and internet.

Microsoft Touch Mouse

We firstly specify the exact positions of user's finger tips. Using image processing method including morphology and threshold operation, we create a pipeline to convert the original signal image into a binary image.

The second step is to trace user's movement on the surface of the mouse. We catch 20 frames of binary images during the specific period and convert them into a binary sequence. This sequence can be reversed and showed to the user.


After the user initial the password and confirm it, they can try to log in the system using the gesture they encoded. When the password was created, the login window will show up and if the user inputs the wrong gesture, he/she will be showed by an access-denied window.