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Artifacts in Design: Representation, Ideation, and Process

Workshop Papers

Artifacts in the design process of pervasive computing.  Alexander Wiethoff (University of Munich), Bettina Conradi (University of Munich), Andreas Butz (University of Munich).

A cross-device spatial workspace for artifact-mediated collaboration. Florian Geyer (University of Konstaz), Harald Reiterer (University of Konstanz)

RichMoLIC: Coupling interaction and interface design. Ugo Sangiorgi (SERG), Simone D. J. Barbosa (SERG)

Making sense of artifact reusability in early design. Moushumi Sharmin (University of Illinois), Brian P. Bailey (University of Illinois)

Artifacts in end-user web design. Thomas H. Park (Drexel), Susan Weidenbeck (Drexel)

From rationalization to complexity: evolution of artifacts in design. Gil Barros (University of Sao Paulo), Carlos Zibel Costa (University of Sao Paulo)

Media strategies for product ecosystem design. Jonathan A. Edelman (Stanford), Rebecca Currano (Stanford), Larry Liefer (Stanford)

Design journals: personal artifacts in collaborative design. Lora Oehlberg (UC Berkeley), Alice M. Agogino (UC Berkeley)

Position paper for CHI 2010 artifacts in design workshop. David B. Rondeau (InContext Design)

Critical artefacts and participatory Innovation.  Simon Bowen (Sheffield Hallam University)

Applying interactive design artifacts to design education.  Dan Tilden (Virginia Tech)

Climbing with artifacts.  Chad Wingrave (University of Central Florida)

Design processes for bodily interaction? Kristina Hook et al. (Stockholm University), Anna Stahl et al. (SICS), Tove Jeansson (TeliaSonera)

Taking an ethnography of bodily experiences into design - analytical and methodological challenges.  Jakob Tholander (Stockholm University), Tove Jeansson (Stockholm University)

Inspiration Cards.  Kim Halskov (Aarhus University), Peter Dalsgaard (Aarhus University)

Material Probe: Exploring Materiality of Digital Artifacts.  Heekyoung Jung (Indiana University), Erik Stolterman (Indiana University)

Picturestorming: Ideation via "Bits of Life".  Stacy Branham (Virginia Tech)