Numerical Methods

Spring 2019

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This class will introduce computational methods for numerical solution of non-linear equations, differential equations, approximations, iterations, methods of least squares and other topics. Partially duplicates MATH 4554. If time permits we will discuss additional topics as well.

Instructor: Dr. Adrian Sandu
E-mail: sandu@cs.vt.edu
Phone : 1-2193
Office : 2242 KnowledgeWorks II Building
Office hours: By appointment.

Lecture: Please see the syllabus for lecture and exam information.

Teaching Assistant(s): Please see the syllabus for TA contact information and office hours.

CS 1044 Introduction to Programming in C
Math 2214 Introduction to Differential Equations
Math 2224 Multivariable Calculus


The following optional book may provide useful additional information: "Numerical Mathematics and Computing"(fifth edition), Ward Cheney and David Kincaid, 690 pages, ISBN: 0-534-38993-7, Brooks/Cole, 2004.

The grade is based on:

Syllabus: For detailed information please consult the syllabus (PDF).


Please check the list of assignments.


Numerical Software Resources

Netlib (at UTK/ORNL). Available Math Software at NIST. The Numerical Algorithms Group, UK. Statistical Software (Allan Miller). Salford Software. Scientific Applications on Linux.

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