CS-4104 (CRN 13405 and CRN 21269)

Data and Algorithm Analysis

Fall 2023

Quick Info

This course emphasizes the understanding of data structures and algorithms from an analytical perspective rather than from an implementation standpoint. The concepts developed allow discussion of the efficiency of an algorithm and the comparison of two or more algorithms with respect to space and run-time requirements. Analytical methods are used to describe theoretical bounds as well as practical ones. In general, this course addresses the constraints that affect problem solvability.

Instructor: Dr. Adrian Sandu
E-mail: sandu@cs.vt.edu
Phone: 1-2193
Office: 2222 KnowledgeWorks II Building
Office hours: By appointment.


“Algorithm Design” by Jon Kleinberg and Eva Tardos. Addison-Wesley, 2006, ISBN 0-321- 29535-8.

For detailed information please consult the syllabus (PDF)

Reading and Homework

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sandu@cs.vt.edu (Adrian Sandu)