CS/MATH-4414 (CRN 17864)

Issues in Scientific Computing

Spring 2012

Quick Info

The class meets Tue–Thu, 11:00–12:15, 307 McBryde Hall.

This class will introduce basic topics in scientific computing including floating point arithmetic and roundoff errors, accuracy of algorithms and truncation errors, conditioning of problems, stability of algorithms, efficiency of computer implementations, examples from linear algebra, approximation, optimization, numerical ODEs and PDEs, and numerical software.


For detailed information please consult the syllabus ( PDF).

Homework will consist of Matlab programming assignments (in Matlab and Fortran or C) and of written exercises. Homework will be submitted via Blackboard - no late homework will be accepted. Homework will account for 34% of your grade. There will be one midterm exam/project and one final exam/project, each accounting for 33% of the total grade.

Course Materials


Please check the list of assignments.

sandu@cs.vt.edu (Adrian Sandu)