About Me

I am an Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech's Department of Computer Science. I received my PhD at the University of Michigan School of Information. I was advised by Kentaro Toyama.

I examine digital technology use among populations with low resources due to systemic injustices, and explore tech-enabled solutions to either highlight injustices or find future alternatives (i.e., anti-racist design). I enjoy researching the intersection of race, class, and technology.

I research, design, and develop technology that is concerned with equity and justice at the forefront. I enjoy developing spaces, places, and technology that are equitable and inclusive for all people.

I am the lead Principal Investigator for the Reimagining Equity and Accessibility in Computing for Humanity (REACH) Lab.

I am a member of the Center for Human-Computer Interaction (CHCI) , Michigan ICTD, Michigan Interactive and Social Computing (MISC), and the Center for Critical Race & Digital Studies. I am a founder of the Race in HCI Collective.

My dissertation research was generously supported by the University of Michigan Rackham Merit Fellowship, GEM Fellowship, Microsoft Dissertation Fellowship, and Google Generation Scholarship.

I publish under my pen name, Ihudiya Finda Ogbonnaya-Ogburu.