• I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Virginia Tech since August 2022, advised by Prof. Eugenia Rho. I received my Master's degree in Biostatistics from Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, China in 2017, advised by Prof. Pingyan Chen. I am broadly interested in natural language processing (NLP) and computational social science, with a focus on human-computer interaction (HCI) in developing and evaluating an interactive AI system to assist people. I have also conducted research on epidemiology and public health, including pandemic surveillance, risk assessment, transmission modeling, and field investigations.

  • R: 10+ years of experience

  • Python: 10+ years of experience

  • PyTorch: 3+ years of experience

  • HuggingFace: 2+ years of experience

  • SQL: 5+ years of experience

  • PHP: The best programming language in the world!

  • JavaScript: 5+ years of experience

  • Vue: 1+ year of experience



  1. PhD Candidate in Computer Science

    Virginia Tech
    Aug 2022 ➔ Present
  2. Master of Medicine in Biostatistics

    Southern Medical University
    Sep 2014 ➔ Jul 2017
  3. Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics

    Southern Medical University
    Sep 2010 ➔ Jul 2014


  1. Assistant Research Fellow

    Guizhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    Nov 2019 ➔ Jul 2022
    • Epidemic Surveillance: Collected and analyzed weekly epidemic surveillance data on COVID-19, unexplained pneumonia, and avian influenza for over 3.8 million people to monitor their intensity, detect transmission changes, and measure their impacts on hospitalizations and deaths
    • Pandemic Risk Assessment: Assessed the risks of possible pandemic outbreaks using data-driven models and scenarios and determined the appropriate public health response level and steps for different regions and populations
    • Field Epidemiology: Conducted field epidemiological investigations on over 100 cases of COVID-19, flu, avian influenza, and chickenpox to trace and test over 1000 contacts and control transmissions
    • Epidemic Modeling: Analyzed epidemiologic characteristics of various epidemics using statistical or computer simulation models to unravel transmission dynamics and evaluate intervention strategies
    • Health Education: Hosted over 5 health education and assessment workshops and activities on COVID-19 prevention for various groups and settings
    • Data collection
    • Data Analysis
    • Modeling
    • Simulation
    • Visualization
    • Decision Making
  2. Software Engineer

    Contract Research Organization of CLT Inc
    Jul 2017 ➔ Jun 2019
    • Web Development: Served as the chief programmer for the Central Randomization System and Electronic Data Capture System using web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL
    • Central Randomization System: Developed the Central Randomization System, a web-based application used in over 20 multi-center clinical trials, to implement drug management, user management, and algorithms for allocation concealment
    • Electronic Data Capture System: Created the Electronic Data Capture System, a web-based SaaS that stored patient data collected in clinical trials, to increase real-time access to data and decrease time spent on query management
    • Web Development
    • Software Testing
    • Database Management
  3. Research Intern

    National Clinical Research Center for Kidney Disease
    Nov 2015 ➔ Feb 2017
    • Cohort Study Development: Deployed a web-based application for a cohort study of chronic kidney disease patients
    • Case Report Form Design: Participated in the design of case report forms for data collection and management for the cohort study
    • Cohort Study
    • Study Design
    • Statistics Analysis


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