When you come to the concert, don’t turn off the mobile phone. Why?! It can be used to play music! Crowd in C[loud] is an interactive music piece where audience members are the only performers. We leverage audience’s smartphones and a cloud server to improvise collaboratively and to mingle with others.

Every member of the audience can participate in this performance using their smartphone. They will need to be connected to the Internet using 3G, 4G, or any free Wi­Fi connection available on the concert area. The performance is not restricted to any operating system, so the users of Android and iPhone can participate and have the same experience. Also, it is possible to participate using notebook or any device that can access the Internet and open a website using the new version of Google Chrome.

The performer on stage can control the whole performance: start, end, change fundamental pitch, send messages, etc. During the performance, the performer can send code text in javascript to audience member’s mobile phones through the cloud service. Therefore the performer can live code the programs running in the mobile phones, which lets the performer play tunes and control chord progression of the music.


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