Piano by Tim Whitehead

Most of the machine listening system learn from how human perceive sound and tries to mimic it. It is because of human auditory system is a good reference to build mechanics of machine listening. However, my point start from the question; who knows what about the world of machine listening? It could be totally different from what we are thinking of or what it is well capable of. Some creatures might have completely different system in perceiving sounds. Like bats, for example, they use their auditory system to navigate and forage, often in total darkness. Bats listen to sound but they utilize their auditory system closer to vision system in humans perspective. It might be human that limit machines listening as we hear while it potentially has other novel way of perceiving sounds.

As part of opening new possibilities of novel listening for machine’s sake, I wanted to create a machine listening system that denies everything similar to human auditory system. It begin from the denial of the basic mechanism of human auditory system, which is the fact that human listen to audio signal in time domain and perceive it in frequency domain.

The program is implemented C++ and STK library.